Our pharmacovigilance outsourcing services

Complies with laws and regulations, supports research and development, reduces the risk of drug re-registration setback, and optimizes drug commercial values



Consultation based on professional and practical pharmacovigilance system

Team set-up

Standard business process set-up

Business training guidance

Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing Services Based on System and Professional Practice

Individual case report processing service

EDC data automatic transmission to reduce errors

Report bulk upload and processing

Intelligent medical audit management to automatically determine a new type of adverse reaction

Causal evaluation tools assist in objective and consistent evaluation

Automatically generate multi-dimensional adverse reaction reports and analysis results

Document retrieval service

Efficient search: set up document retrieval in advance in eSafety system

Automatic duplicate check: the system automatically summarizes information search and checks duplicate entries, thus improving work efficiency

Literature search scope: VIP database, Wanfang database

PSUR writing service

Formulate online PSUR writing plan for effective communication and remind; complete information without omission and delay to improve audit approval rate

The system automatically generates various types of statistical analysis report to increase efficiency by over 70% while ensuring quality.