Pharmacovigilance Frontier Vision Integrated with Information Technology

In 1974, the concept of “Pharmacovigilance (PV)” was born in France. It is a science and activity related to the discovery, evaluation, understanding, and prevention of adverse drug effects or any other drug-related problems, as well as the process of identifying and responding to drug safety issues such as quality, distribution, and use.


At present, the significance of pharmacovigilance lies in the effective management and prevention of drug safety risks:

Support R&D and product registration while fulfilling regulatory requirements,

Continue to carry out pharmacovigilance work and reduce the risk of drug re-registration failure

Effectively manage and reduce drug safety risks to extend product life cycle

Improve product information, explore new indications and develop business value

Reflect social responsibility and ensure patient safety

However, a variety of challenges are confronted during the practical work:

Laws and regulations are too complicated to obtain timely and accurate interpretation

Lack and population mobility of professional pharmacovigilance professionals

Operational norms are flawed

Information accuracy is poor

Work efficiency is low

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Taimei Medical Technology has a professional pharmacovigilance team that provides information-based innovative and law-abiding pharmacovigilance service models and systems to assist in R&D, help companies reduce the risk of drug re-registration setback, and optimize drug values across the clinical-commercial continuum.


eSafety | Pharmacovigilance SystemPVS

Full Integration of Drug Safety Data and Construction of Pharmacovigilance System

While integrating clinical research and post-market product safety data, eSafety helps independent, efficient, standardized and orderly pharmacovigilance to improve the efficiency of report processing by 50%. 

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Intensive Drug Monitoring Solutions

System-based informatized solutions to effectively improve efficiency and save cost

As an experienced pharmacovigilance team, we based on our own professional and compliant electronic system to provide comprehensive analysis of intensive drug monitoring projects and complete service solution. 

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Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing Services

System-based information technology service mode is adopted to ensure normalized operation, higher efficiency and quality

Our pharmacovigilance team will help you solve the practical problems during pharmacovigilance work with our rich experience and professional skills. We can help you build corporate system in line with future development trend with our prospective insights in the field. 

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