The information technology of clinical research optimizes quality and efficiency for accelerated drug time-to-market

Conventional clinical research management mode is unsustainableWebsite Keywords

Against the background of rapid development of internet information technology and slow growth of pharmaceutical industry, the traditional mode of clinical research management is clearly not sustainable.

1. R&D team building and personnel management systems are inadequate;

2. The complexity of the research operation process has continuously heightened, resulting in significant increase in personnel workload.

3. The patient recruitment rate and the proportion of subjects to complete the study have greatly dampened; The ever more stringent regulatory policies and requirements have resulted in increased clinical research time and soaring costs.

Adoption of IT-based Management Approach is Imperative

The Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) refers to a highly structured electronic management system for clinical trials. It is applied to the drug clinical trial management to address the problem of slow data collection, delayed verification and quality control processes, long test periods and non-standard clinical drug administration, etc. prevalent in the traditional paper-based management approach. 

Its long-term significance lies in the deep exploration of the value of structured data to improve the quality and efficiency of drug clinical research and to optimize enterprise management as well. 
Meanwhile, the promulgation of relevant national policies and regulations has imposed stricter requirements on clinical research management. This has posed challenges for enterprises but also a favorable environment for the rapid establishment of the IT-based management approach.

Clinical Research Information Technology Integrated Solution 

Our information technology solutions span the entire clinical research process, reduce the risk of clinical research, improve the efficiency and quality of research

and accelerate new drug time-to-market. Data sharing among multiple systems will produce high-quality large database and accurate market forecast.

AIMS | Clinical Trial Management System, CTMS


To improve project management and operational efficiency

AIMS implements systematic management of all stages of clinical trials to achieve real-time online tracking and monitoring. 

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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

eCollect® | Electronic Data Collection SystemEDC


To improve clinical research data quality and reduce test cycle

eCollect® provides real-time project progress summary and accurate and precise data support 

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eBalance® | Interactive Web Response System, IWRS


The real-time monitoring and accurate management of drugs in trials ensure scientific rigor of clinical research. 

eBalance® is subjected-centered to support drug randomization and management in multicenter clinical trials. 

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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

eReport® | Electronic Patient Reported Outcome System, ePRO


Enhance doctor-patient communication during clinical research and obtain subjects’ information in electronic format. 

eReport® mobile application practically solves the problem of difficulty in obtaining patient information and handling of traditional paper-based reports and poor subject compliance. 

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Clinical Research Data Management and Statistics Services

ALCOA+ Principle Professional Data Management Solution 

High-quality data management enables the data to truly reflect the actual situation of clinical research and provide reliable data sources for the subsequent realization of statistical analysis results. 

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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

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MIRS | Medical imaging reading system


High-speed cloud transmission, real-time information sharing and accurate reading results 

MIRS achieves the cloud storage, real-time sharing, random double-blind and standardized processes of medical imaging reading data to ensure the effective medical reading data meet the industry's technical standards and requirements and improve drugs R&D efficiency and quality. 

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